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Expecting Kingdom Manifestations: Operating In Expectation - Message #15107A

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Faith In God In Troubled Times Set

The fact that trials are a part of life is not a new concept. Troubled times are simply part of the proofing process that develops God's people into mature Christians (James 1:2, Romans 5:3-4). God did not leave His people out there to be tossed to and fro in the rough waters of adversity. The greatest way to navigate through your season of trouble is by activating your faith. Speaking the Word of God over your situation and maintaining the right attitude will determine how long you will endure stormy seasons.

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About A Father's Heart with Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux

A Father's Heart with Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux teaches the word of God, addresses issues relevant to people today, and reveals practical, Biblical principles that reflect the heart of our heavenly father.

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About Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux

The hand of God, the father, is certainly evident in Dr. Goudeaux's life. For over 30 years, Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux has helped millions around the world with his down-to-earth teaching of the Gospel with First Lady, Dr. Brenda Goudeaux at his side. Award-winning leader, teacher, and mentor, Dr. Goudeaux is known as a father of fathers and pastor of pastors.
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