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Follow Well Series: Don't Let Fear Paralyze You, Pt 2

Sunday, June 23, 2013 Series: Obedience Equals Breakthrough
Once all excuses are exhausted it's clear that "people" aren't the problem. No man is where he is because of somebody else. Mason Betha teaches how to come to yourself and see royal living.
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Ruling Through Righteousness cd series

Do you know that it pays to live right?  As the righteousness of God you are to only live above and never beneath! No more living a status quo life.  The promises of God truly await you.  When you are accustomed to operating the world's way, you must renew your mind to operating in the Kingdom of God.  You were meant to reign! 

Listen as Mason and Twyla Betha, teach you how to shed your old way of thinking and begin to dominate in the earth!