How to Minister Seed, 2: When Seed is Ministered it Brings Back Multiplication

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Ruling Through Righteousness cd series

Do you know that it pays to live right?  As the righteousness of God you are to only live above and never beneath! No more living a status quo life.  The promises of God truly await you.  When you are accustomed to operating the world's way, you must renew your mind to operating in the Kingdom of God.  You were meant to reign! 

Listen as Mason and Twyla Betha, teach you how to shed your old way of thinking and begin to dominate in the earth!

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About Born to Succeed

Born to Succeed is the television broadcast ministry of Mason and Twyla Betha, pastors of the El Elyon International Church located in Atlanta and Phoenix. Embracing the truth that every believer is an "overcomer" (1 John 5:4), Mason and Twyla are committed to giving you the practical and biblical tools you need to succeed in every area of life!

About Mason and Twyla Betha

Mason Betha -
Mason Betha can be seen daily on his television broadcast, "Born to Succeed" all over the nation, and devotes time to his world outreach. Balancing his calling, he spends a great deal of time with his beautiful wife Twyla and their two sons. On December 31, 2008, Mason will also expand his ministry to the West Coast by planting a new location of El Elyon International in Phoenix, Arizona. With millions of lives being impacted since his transformation from just a mere music artist to a dynamic world leader, it is clear that Mason Betha was changed to change the world.

Twyla Betha -
Twyla appears on the "Born To Succeed" television broadcast of El Elyon International Church. She is known to be the driving force with her husband Mason and dedicates her time to serving the people. Her enthusiasm is contagious and there is no residue of that quiet Mississippi girl who used to be timid and insecure. She is now a public figure to be admired, with a mission to transform lives and build people to be all that God called them to be.

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