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Articles by Barbie Breathitt

Impossible is a Dirty Word!

We were created to do the impossible, to be spectacular, not average or mediocre. When God gives us an idea or a powerful dream there is a way to do it. Anything is possible!

Ruth Triumphed Over Great Adversity

Our emotions will either produce positive or negative motions in our circumstances. Life is about learning to love God and serving others. Ruth is a good example of humble service and overcoming great adversity.

Wait in God's Presence

The Bible is full of God-given revelation through dreams, visions, and prophecy. We must study to show ourselves approved so that we can operate in the Spirit of understanding. We need to be spiritually fruitful in today's age of increasing spiritual awareness—which is both good and evil. We must learn from the Holy Spirit to discern between the two and have the character to reject the evil and embrace the true.

The Refining Fire

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, provoked the wrath of King Nebuchadnezzar because they didn’t respect his gods and refused to worship the gold statue that he erected The king offered them a second chance to escape a sure death if they would bow their knees and worship the statue.

About Breath of the Spirit Ministries

Breath of the Spirit is designed to encourage the body of Christ to fulfill their unique destiny here on earth. Barbie Breathitt's infectious humor promotes unity with those inside and outside the church walls.

About Barbie Breathitt

Barbie Breathitt personally learned and now passionately teaches God's Love, Presence and Breath. Her astute prophetic voice and accurate dream interpretations have blessed those in prisons, hospitals, street ministry, Europe / third world nations, and enabled many hungry to grow. Barbie has abandoned herself to the Holy Spirit with miracles, signs and wonders following. Many individuals have been miraculously healed in her meetings while others have experienced the Presence of the Spirit as never before. Her deepest desire is to encourage the body of Christ to fulfill their unique destiny here on earth. Her infectious humor promotes unity with those inside and outside the church walls.

Barbie has ministered for over twenty two years. She is ordained. Barbie has established and conducted three prophetic training centers. Barbie now lives in Texas and opened Breath of the Spirit Center of Training in 2004. Breath of the Spirit offers a variety of courses on Healing, Revelatory Gifts, Dream Interpretation and Evangelistic Outreaches. She is available for conference, teaching and hands on training.
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