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The Authority to Pray and See Results
Are you having a difficult time believing that God hears your prayers in the midst of your shortcomings? Pastor Gregory Dickow wants to reveal to you the power of God's righteousness within you and how his righteousness can establish the way that you pray! It's time to renew your mind to believe in your heart that you are loved, and the blood of Jesus has already washed you.

About The Power to Change Today

You can receive the power to be changed TODAY! Pastor Gregory Dickow teaches you the life-changing principles of God's Word in this dynamic television program.

About Pastor Gregory Dickow

Pastor Gregory Dickow is the host of The Power to Change Today, an international television program that reaches 625 million households weekly, and founder of Life Changers International Church, one of the largest and most diverse congregations in the Chicago area.

Known for his ability to communicate the principles of God's Word in a practical way, he lives to see the lives of others dramatically changed by equipping them to walk in the love and power of God.

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