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Dealing with Doubts, Part 2

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Prosperity’s 7 Link Chain

Why does true Bible prosperity still seem to elude so many good and well meaning Christians?  Could it be because they’re not fully connected to God in it?  God’s plan for a successful financial life requires more than the one act of sowing into the Kingdom and then waiting around for miracles.  With this Scriptural perspective on money, Chas unveils the SEVEN “links in the chain” to help you

find your missing links and connect to God.

What you’ll discover is a new attitude about money and a confident, principled lifestyle that will please God and induce real wealth for you. Wherever you’re at, with whatever you’ve got,

it’s time to start doing money right.

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About A Faith Walk

A Faith Walk is a media extension of Stevenson Ministries designed to ignite faith in people and send the full gospel truth around the world.  The consistent testimony heard of Chas and Joni’s exciting teaching and preaching ministry is that churches and believers are revived, refreshed, and awakened to God.  Chas and Joni also pastor Houston Faith Church, a Spirit-filled, inspired, growing church in Houston, Texas with a New Testament vision of building solid Christians who can change their world. 

About Chas & Joni Stevenson

Joni Stevenson is an exhilarating preacher, prophet, and pastor with a firey impartation that leaves people burning with love for God.  Upon leaving her CPA career in 2002, Joni and her husband pioneered Houston Faith Church, where they pastor together.  Joni also travels around the world in churches and conferences, demonstrating the power of God with gifts of the Spirit, miracles and healings, and precise, solid, New Testament doctrine.  Joni is a preacher, a kingdom shaker, a true gift of God to the Body of Christ.  From the first moment with Rev. Joni, people are tuned in and expecting, and by the end, they are left in awe of God and in love with Jesus, saying, “what just happened here?”

Chas Stevenson, a stimulating Bible teacher and author of the life-changing book, God, Why?, is also pastor of Houston Faith Church in Houston, Texas.  His ministry to the Church at large is marked with a refreshing demonstration of God’s Word and power that quiets the emotions, stirs the spirit, and brings people back to their high calling of God in Christ.  With New Testament, scriptural logic that feels like bowling balls crashing through glass pins, Chas is a foundation builder of God’s Word in people, holding nothing back in igniting people’s faith toward God while keeping false doctrine and common Christian distractions exposed by the Word of God. …strong, prolific, honest, and humorous…

After leaving his business systems consulting career in 1997, Chas began serving the Lord with a powerful and refreshing evangelistic and healing gift, igniting churches and training believers to win souls and heal the sick.  For several years, he worked with Angelo Mitropoulos in R.W. Schambach’s last five years of tent meetings in the inner cities of America, coordinating street ministry and seeing multitudes saved, healed, and delivered from demons.  Since then, he has successfully imparted into local church members an attitude of personal soulwinning and world evangelism that keeps believers glued to the primary call of the Christian and will ultimately help them earn a “well done, thou good and faithful…” in the end.

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