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Closer to the Start

Original Worship Album by Fellowship Creative

Closer to the Start

Imagine if tomorrow's sunrise revealed a brand new world and a brand new life. Imagine the second chance, the freedom and opportunity to begin again.

This album rises from the reality that in Christ we are all closer to that second chance, closer to freedom, and closer to an opportunity to begin again. We are Closer to the Start.

Listen closely and you will hear the vision of a church committed to bringing great worship to God in both song and lifestyle, and through that lifestyle of worship, introducing people to Christ, the hope of the world.

Track List
1. Closer to the Start Prelude
2. Searching Through the Skies
3. Send Love
4. All This City Needs
5. God So Loved
6. Humble Plea
7. Til You Throw It Away
8. Shores of Mystery
9. Forever
10. The More I Love You
11. New Creation

"This album is more than a collection of songs. It's the conversation the Church should be having with the world."
—Ed Young Pastor, Fellowship Church