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Anthology of a Twenty Year Old Soul

In Anthology of a Twenty Year Old Soul, a collection of writings forms a call to the heart’s revival. These prayers, stories, and anthems urge us to have greater faith and passion for the Lord our God from the sincere heart of twenty-year-old Ben Courson.

This book takes a look at the inspiring spiritual walks of significant and well-known Biblical characters, lifts up prayers we can make our own to our Savior Jesus Christ, and sends out passionate appeals to this Christian generation.

Anthology’s earnest and loving message will speak to the young and the old and inspire the Christian heart to seek out God in a deeper way than before.

About Hope Generation

Hope Generation is both a personal and collective appeal: to generate hope in God in the individual’s own heart and to build an empire of hope in our generation.


As a whole, Hope Generation deals out hope galore, as our Hope Generator speaker, Ben Courson shares the holy optimism found in the Creator of the Universe, who's title is actually "The God of Hope."


Ben's heart is no matter who you are or where you've come from, that you will embrace the truth that the God of Hope loves YOU and has a beautiful purpose for your life!


Hope Generation has many ways to enjoy its content. As you do, you'll find yourself being encouraged in the deepest part of your being and you will also become a "Hope Dealer," making a beautiful impact in your sphere of the world.

About Ben Courson

Ben Courson is an author and speaker based out of Applegate Christian Fellowship. Ben gave his first Bible study in 3rd grade, began regularly teaching at 16, and became a pastor his senior year of High School.


He married his best friend, mentor, and hero: Necia, and they have been writing together for a number of years. They live in beautiful Southern Oregon.


Ben has written three books. He is director of Hope Generation, with a national radio program, and teaches across the country with a heart for our generation to find hope in God. 

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