It's Supernatural! with Sid Roth
Rodney Howard-Browne
Monday, February 3, 2014
Rodney Howard-Browne was a catalyst for three powerful revivals in North America. As he teaches, the fire of God literally jumps onto people who hear him. He wants to empower you to be a fire starter too!
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Featured Offer From It's Supernatural!

Marriage: God's Way or the World's Way

The Story of Marriage. Once upon a time marriage was forever. It was a covenant that knit one man and one woman together. This weaving made both stronger, nobler and more vibrant expressions of who they were created to be.

Marriage is God’s masterpiece. He created it to express a much bigger story: His relentless, loving commitment to bring out the best in us. The dynamics of marriage have something to teach all of us regardless of where we are in life. Whether married, single, or engaged, your story is ultimately part of the divine story of marriage. John and Lisa Bevere's candid, compelling The Story of Marriage includes:

  • 6 video sessions on 2 DVDs (30 minutes each)
  • 6 audio sessions on 3 CDs (30 minutes each)
  • The Story of Marriage interactive book
  • Promotional materials

Unequally Yoked. On this special CD John and Lisa Bevere join Sid Roth in a very personal and candid conversation about marriage. Listen as John and Lisa cover topics like:

  • Marrying a non-believer
  • God's idea of marriage
  • Living together outside of marriage
  • Dealing with a spouse's ungodly lifestyle

This CD also contains powerful prayers for you from John and Lisa to help you write your "Story of Marriage."

John and Lisa Bevere are best-selling authors and the co-founders of Messenger International. They have been married for more than thirty years, and they want their struggles and triumphs to enrich and protect the story of marriage for others. John and Lisa live in Colorado Springs, CO, and have four sons and three grandchildren.