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Eddie and Tamara George: Married for Real

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For The Right Reasons

In the world of reality TV – and often in actual life – living by high standards cuts against the grain. Betrayal is so commonplace it’s almost expected and the idea of a perfect match can be a cruel myth. Sean Lowe discovered all this and more as the star of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Now, in this page-turning story, he finally lets down his guard to expose what the cameras and microphones couldn’t capture on the set.

For the Right Reasons traces the minefields that he tiptoed through while struggling to honor his Christian convictions in the morally complex world of romance-reality television. With disarming candor, the Texas-bred former football star reveals the dreamlike highs and devastating lows that come with primetime celebrity status. Along the way, he shares how the hard lessons he learned apply to the challenging journeys that each of us may take in life.

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LIFE Today with James and Betty Robison features guests from all walks of life. From noted speakers and best-selling authors to real people who have experienced life's real tragedies and triumphs, our programs will inspire and encourage you every day.

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James Robison has been ministering across America since the 1950's in churches, coliseums and other public venues. In 1971, he began preaching on television. In the late 80's, James and Betty became active in worldwide mission outreaches, taking food, water, shelter and medicine into crisis areas. In 1995, James and Betty began hosting LIFE Today in a talk show format, with an added emphasis on missions. Since then, LIFE Today has won numerous industry awards, the global audience has grown exponentially and the outreaches of LIFE have impacted hundreds of thousands of people with the life and love of Jesus Christ.
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