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God’s Value SystemHonor is much like money; it can be earned, spent, and reimbursed.  In fact, your own personal net worth in life will be determined by the amount of honor you possess.  It is by being honorable, that you will be honored.  In this series by Stephen Fraser, you will learn how to determine what is valuable and what is not, as well as how to become more useful and valuable yourself. 

About Living the Life

Living the Life is for those seeking to let go of their own way of living in order to embrace an abundant unceasing absolutely fullness of life (eternal life).  This life is for us to experience now on earth as it is in heaven.  It is through the dynamic teaching and preaching of God’s Word that faith comes to walk in this life.  So get ready to be completely revolutionized by the revelations brought forth on the Living the Life broadcasts.


About Stephen Fraser

Stephen Fraser has helped many people receive the salvation, healing, and deliverance that comes through faith in God’s Word.  He is currently the senior pastor of Life of Faith Bible church in Louisville, KY; a church he founded in 1994.  As television host and evangelist, he ministers daily through the Living the Life television broadcast.  He is also the author of several books that bring fresh revelation to controversial subjects.  His ministering is bold and convicting, yet refreshing and humorous as he shares the truth makes people free.

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