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About Rock TV

This program features the teachings of Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor of the Rock Church. Join Pastor Miles as he looks at relevant issues of today in light of God's Word.

About Miles McPherson

Evangelist, speaker, Bible teacher, and former defensive back with the San Diego Chargers, Miles McPherson connects with both the young and young-minded with his trademark bold and humorous style.

In 2000 he founded the Rock Church, a diverse, energetic body of believers who seek to be first-responders to people’s pain with the love of Christ. That may be why the Rock, known as The Do Something Church, is one of the country's largest congregations and a catalyst for pervasive hope. The Rock draws an average of 12,500 people Sunday in San Diego to five services, which also are live-streamed at sdrock.com/live. Then Monday through Saturday, the Rock puts its faith in action through 100-plus ministries, from adoption to youth mentoring, including a thriving thrift store that gives people second chances at life.

Passionate to share Jesus’ pervasive hope throughout the broken world, McPherson speaks widely through the United States and internationally. He launched Do Something World, which mobilizes Christians nationally and internationally to rebuild lives and communities with the love of Christ. Author of numerous books, including DO Something: Make Your Life Count (Baker), McPherson can be heard daily on Rock Radio nationally, and weekly on San Diego’s TV Channel 6/The CW Network. He and his wife, Debbie, have three children and live in San Diego. More at www.MilesMcPherson.com.

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