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Church Growth 101

Dr. Glenn W. Mollette has been writing most of his life.He is the author of numerous books.

Church Growth 101 A Church Growth Guidebook for Ministers and Laity is based on his thirty-five plus years of pastoral ministries.All the churches Dr. Mollette served grew in attendance, mission giving and effective ministries. This is a must read for every pastor, church staff worker, and church member. In this book Dr. Mollette shares practical and simple insights that will help your church grow.

Articles by Dr. Glenn Mollette

Christmas Is About Hanging in There

A lot of people have given up.

My father fell off a barn when I was about thirteen years old. He cracked his vertebrae and missed about six months of work. There was no unemployment insurance, or federal relief money. Everything became very lean as life was put on hold in hopes of better days.

What Do Republicans and Democrats Look Like?

I've heard a lot of discussion about political profiles in recent days.The Republicans supposedly are the corporate greedy CEOs and the Democrats supposedly are all those standing in the government entitlement lines. Not true.

America and the World Are Hurting

Stand Together or We Will Fall

    by Dr. Glenn Mollette

If we do not stand together in our country we will fall. This doesn't mean that we have to nonchalantly agree with everything. It doesn't mean that we have to agree with anything.  But if we don't work together in this nation, then it will be over for us and sooner than we ever dreamed.It doesn't have to end badly for America. We can have a great revival in our nation. Revival is not a bad word. Revival is a good word. It means to rekindle or bring back to life.