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1 Samuel, Part 2 #5: The Enemy Looms

Giants come in many forms: maybe a financial hurdle that seems impossible to overcome. Perhaps it’s a boss who has it out for you, or a physical condition. Kay Arthur shows you from the example of David, how no giant is too big for the Lord.

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Articles by Kay Arthur

Trusting an Unchanging God, Part 2

God never changes. That’s as comforting as it is sobering. 

Trusting an Unchanging God, Part 1

If you’re in a difficult trial today my friend, if you’re confronted by an enemy or if you’re being seduced by your mind, by your desires, there’s a key question you need to ask before you head down a path to look for answers other than down the straight and narrow path of God’s Word.

A Prayer for Marriage, Part 2

Earlier, we began a “Prayer for Marriage.” Beloved, whether you’re newlyweds just beginning to travel the road of life together or if you’ve been married for many years, learning to talk to your spouse can enrich your life and deepen the bonds of your marriage.  God is the master communicator, and we can come to Him to be instructed and taught in the art of communicating effectively with the one He has given us.  Let’s continue this prayer:

Learning to Talk to One Another

Traditionally, June is the month for weddings.  But after the wedding, the reality begins: marriage. One of the most important elements to a healthy marriage is good communication. This month, we’ll focus on learning to talk to one another in marriage, and pray for our marriages, whether we’re just beginning our lives together, or if we’ve been married for decades.