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What Happened to Love? Part 2

Beloved, we’ve talked about two kinds of love: Storge, meaning natural affection, and Eros—erotic love.  Both of these are based on our own self interests.  But today we’ll look at two more words for love; one that describes the love of friends and another that has its origins in God Himself!  Remember, love is a choice!  How will you choose to love?

What Happened to Love? Part 1

It was late. She was in bed, reading, and waiting for him to come home. When he walked into the room she looked up and smiled. She opened her mouth to say something, but he walked past her without a word.

Are You Concerned About Your Future?

O Beloved, do you know that what concerns you is of the utmost concern to God?  If you belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, every need, every trial, every temptation that touches you, touches God, because you are part of His Son. You are bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh. You belong to Jesus. He is your Savior, your Lord, your Head, your Elder Brother—a joint-heir with you. 

Looking For a Fresh New Start?

Are you looking for change, a fresh new start? Isn’t it wonderful to know as you begin this New Year that you have God’s Spirit with you, His Spirit carrying you, leading you, and guiding you? Do you realize that this New Year can be a year in which you can serve God with a fresh new excitement? As you’re walking with Him and being obedient to Him, you will feel the sense of His pleasure in your life.

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