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Encountering the Supernatural 2014!

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Encountering the Supernatural 2014 represents transformation through your encounter with the presence and atmosphere of God. Every believer must learn stewardship without the pressures of life know as stress. Encountering the Supernatural 2014 will become a lifestyle and not a visitation of the heavenly realms.

Encountering the Supernatural 2014 (DVD or CD)
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About Renny and Marina McLean - Seminar Trailer

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About Renny and Marina McLean

Renny and Marina McLean have a message that awakens the believer's appetite for the glory of God. They have seen countless healed and delivered by creating an atmosphere for God to be sovereign in His acts of miracles. They can be seen in four million homes in the Dallas Metroplex. Enjoy the Current or Upcoming Seminar Information