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The Chronicles of Worship

Chronicles of Worship takes you behind the veil into the Holy of Holy. The law of exchange will take place as you give God worship. In return he gives you his glory. 

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About Renny and Marina McLean

Renny and Marina McLean have a message that awakens the believer's appetite for the glory of God. They have seen countless healed and delivered by creating an atmosphere for God to be sovereign in His acts of miracles. They can be seen in four million homes in the Dallas Metroplex.

About Renny and Marina McLean

Renny and Marina McLean teaches from the Kingdom prospective on the three realms of the supernatural: Faith, the Anointing, and the Glory of God. Their God-given ability to lift with a prophetic perspective opens the word of God so that incredible signs and wonders follow. They reside in Dallas, Texas.
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