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Useable in the Hands of God, Part 3

Sunday, November 23, 2014 Series: Useable in the Hands of God
Rick Renner takes a candid look at the life, conversion, and ministry of the apostle Paul while asking the question, "What does it take to be useable in the hands of God?"
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Articles by Rick Renner

'Perilous Times' in the Last Days

The Bible makes it unmistakably plain that in the last days, the world will be filled with difficulties, the like of which have never before been known in the history of mankind. In fact, the Holy Spirit was so committed to making sure we understand what will occur in the last days that in 2 Timothy 3:1, it is as if He points His prophetic finger 2,000 years into the future and specifically foretells what will occur at the end of the age.

How Is Your Work Ethic?

We live in a day when the work ethic is not what it once was. People are much "softer" than they used to be. Paul was not a clock-watcher. He worked harder than anyone else he knew. Although we like to think of the mighty anointing that was on his life, a key factor to his amazing success as an apostle was that he worked at it harder than anyone else. Hard work always produces the best results.

The Real Reason for Christmas

Just think of it — Almighty God, clothed in radiant glory from eternity past, came to this earth formed as a human being in the womb of a human mother for one purpose: so that He could one day die a miserable death on a Cross to purchase our salvation! All of this required humility on a level far beyond anything we could ever comprehend or anything that has ever been requested of any of us. Yet this was the reason Jesus came; therefore, He chose to be obedient to the very end, humbling Himself to the point of dying a humiliating death on a Cross and thereby purchasing our eternal salvation.

The True Meaning of Christmas

Jesus our King exchanged His royal robes for the clothing of flesh. Just think of it -- Almighty God, clothed in radiant glory from eternity past, came to this earth formed as a human being in the womb of a human mother. And He did it for this purpose: so that He could one day die a miserable death on the Cross to purchase our salvation.

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"Good News with Rick Renner" can be seen across the entire former USSR, reaching a potential audience of more than 100 million viewers. In this devotional program, Rick presents in-depth, practical wisdom from the Word of God on how to deal with the everyday issues of life.

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Rick Renner is a prolific author and a highly respected Bible teacher and leader in the international Christian community. Rick is the author of more than 20 books, including the bestsellers Dressed To Kill and Sparkling Gems From the Greek, which have sold more than a million copies combined. In 1991, Rick and his family moved to what is now the former Soviet Union. Today he is the senior pastor of the Moscow Good News Church; the founder and director of the Good News Association of Pastors and Churches, with a membership of more than 800 churches; and the founder of Media Mir, the first Christian television network in the former USSR that today broadcasts the Gospel to a potential audience of 110 million people. Rick resides in Moscow with his wife and lifelong ministry partner, Denise, and their three sons and families.
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