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Living the Resurrected Life

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was not only for our salvation but, it has enabled us to live a resurrected life. In this message series, Pastor Stevens reminds us of the authority and the supernatural power that has been given to us through our relationship with Christ, and teaches us how we should live out that resurrected life everyday.

About Teaching the Word

Teaching the Word is the ministry broadcast of Vincent J. Stevens who is the pastor of Harvest Time Christian Fellowship.  Pastor Stevens on Teaching the Word is dedicated to sharing the infallible Word of God so that lives can be transformed through the equipping and edifying of God’s Word.

About Pastor Vincent J. Stevens

Vincent J. Stevens is the founder and Pastor/Teacher of the Harvest Time Christian Fellowship Church located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and radio host of ‘Teaching the Word.’    Vincent’s powerful teaching ministry is dedicated to addressing critical issues affecting the believers spiritual growth and character development. Vincent and his wife Stephanie, reside on the outskirts of Philadelphia and offer continued leadership, direction and hope to their local church. They are the proud parents of three grown children and one granddaughter.

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