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Portrait of a King
Do you ever wish you knew exactly what decision to make? What house to buy? What person to marry?Wishing we had all the answers is a part of being human. Fortunately, we can find hope in chaos as God’s Word is full of practical wisdom that can help us make good decisions in every stage of life.    In Portrait of a King, Pastor Jonathan Falwell is joined by Matt Wilmington, David Nasser, Dave Adams, and Ben Gutierrez in an effort to look at the life of one of Israel's most famous Kings, Solomon. Examining the writings of Song of Songs, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, we see that it is possible to lead, live and love a life that is intensely focused on God’s design. - 3 DVD Set

About Jonathan Falwell

Each week, Pastor Jonathan Falwell brings a message of hope and salvation to the members of Thomas Road Baptist Church and his worldwide television audience. Motivated by the theme, Not I, But Christ, Pastor Falwell strives to present the never changing message of the Gospel to an ever-changing world.

About Thomas Road Baptist Church

Jonathan Falwell is the pastor of the historic Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va., the church his father founded in 1956. Jonathan served as executive pastor under the leadership of Dr. Jerry Falwell from 1995 until his father's death in May 2007. Jonathan's first book, "One Great Truth: Finding Your Answers to Life" (Howard Books) was released in October. The message of the book has also been Jonathan's heartbeat as pastor as he urges Christians to live with a singular passion: "Not I, but Christ." He and wife Shari are the parents of four children and reside in Lynchburg.

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