Minor Prophet, Major Message: God Is Going to Change Things

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Let God Sort It Out

In this free booklet, Let God Sort It Out, Pastor Mark discusses the parable of the weeds among the wheat. Though God broadcasts his Word throughout the world, the devil does all he can to lead people away from the truth of the Savior from sin. God encourages us to let him sort the weeds from the wheat. It is our job and blessing to sow the seeds of God’s love and mercy for others to hear.

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About Time of Grace

Time of Grace is a weekly, half-hour Bible study program with compelling and uplifting messages from God's Word presented by Pastor Mark Jeske using his unique style of straight talk with real hope.

About Mark Jeske

Pastor Mark Jeske has been bringing God's Word to viewers of Time of Grace since 2001. He also serves as senior pastor of St. Marcus Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI.

Pastor Jeske received his theological postgraduate education from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI. He and his family reside in Milwaukee.

Pastor Jeske has written a Bible commentary (General Epistles, People's Bible Commentary, Concordia Publishing House), a devotional book (Time of Grace: A Devotional Companion, Concordia Publishing House), and more than a dozen daily devotional booklets. Numerous articles transcribed from his Sunday messages appear in Time of Grace publications.
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