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Learning From the Master

Matt Crain was taking a “Philosophy of Science” course at the university. The instructor, a scientist, had a reputation for fairness, but Matt was evidently the only person in the classroom who believed that God created the universe. Weeks passed, and Matt listened in silence, learning as much as he could. On the last week of class, the subject of religion came up, and Matt carefully advocated a Christian position.

Claiming the World

The social pundits of our day are under the impression that they developed the concept of globalization; but they don’t seem to realize the Bible taught that concept more than 2,000 years ago. The church has always been an international enterprise established by a Savior who died for the entire world.

When Knowledge Turns to Experience

President John F. Kennedy delivered a speech before a joint session of Congress on May 
25, 1961, that changed the world as we know it. In it, President Kennedy challenged our nation 
to land a man on the moon before the decade was out. President Kennedy felt some pressure for 
the United States to take the lead in space exploration. In 1957, the Soviet Union launched 
Sputnik, the first of a series of Soviet-made satellites to orbit the earth. And just a month before 
this speech, the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space, orbiting the 
earth and returning safely.

The God of Ups and Downs

  Oh, the ups and downs of life! Seems like we’re always going up or down, doesn’t it? Every day has its high spots and low points, and every year has its peaks and its valleys. Sometimes we’re on the mountaintop; sometimes in the pits. Sometimes we’re high on life, and then we’re down in the dumps.

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