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Financial Signs of the End Times

Sunday, June 8, 2014 Series: The Coming Economic Armageddon
When it comes to finances, life today is radically different from just a few decades ago. Dr. Jeremiah examines these trends in light of God’s plan for His people.
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Articles by Dr. David Jeremiah

Winning on a Losing Streak

Every sports team in history longs for a perfect season—a record with nothing but a whole number and a zero in the record books. In 2007, the New England Patriots were 16-0, not losing a single regular season game.

The Take-Home Dilemma

Have you ever considered how much food goes to waste after a conference or special event that is catered? Helen Palit, a silver-haired activist who founded and runs the non-profit Angel Harvest in Los Angeles did and went into action.

The Inspiration of the Word

Think of all the books that are available to us today, and then consider the Bible—it is God-inspired, yet written by men, and unlike any other book ever written. Dr. Jeremiah discusses this miraculous collection of sixty-six books in his article, “The Inspiration of the Word.”

Proclamation of the Word

Have you considered what the wrath of God means to those who don’t know Him personally? Dr. Jeremiah discusses the importance of evangelism in his article, “The Proclamation of the Word.”