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Promise Notebook

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Series: Video Insights

Are you familiar with the promises in the Bible that are yours to claim? Chuck Swindoll suggests it could make a big difference in your day just to read a few.

You might want to create your own Promise Notebook to refer to often and share with friends.

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Isn't God good? Generation after generation He provides a fresh set of grandparents . . . an ever-present counterculture in our busy world.

Don't Take It Easy

I keep meeting these wonderful people whose lives belie their age. Their enthusiasm is contagious, their zest for life captivating. They're still thinking and dreaming, determined not to miss out on the fun, and they're definitely not interested in planting themselves in a rocking chair and watching sunsets.

Three Ways to Fill Your Museum of Memories

You have a museum in your mind. It's a museum of memories.

Anniversaries. Birthdays. Graduations. Holidays. Longstanding traditions. Life's milestones. Even recoveries from serious illnesses. Each memory hangs in its place, firmly fixed in your mind . . . and in the minds of your children.

Celebrating the Songs of the Resurrection

It comes as a surprise to no one that I love music. Choral music, instrumental music, popular music, as well as classical stuff . . . folk tunes, ballads, fun songs, and serious works . . . country western and bluegrass, as well as the patriotic and romantic. For me, music is a must.
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