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About Courtney McBath

B. Courtney McBath Ministries (BCMM) is the teaching and evangelistic outreach ministry of Bishop B. Courtney McBath, the pastor of Calvary Revival Church in Norfolk, VA.   Courtney McBath is dedicated to teaching the truth of God’s Word so that all who hear can understand their significance in God. 

Our Mission

  • Reach souls who are not yet part of the Kingdom with a message that is backed by the word of God and appeals to each person’s spirit man, to become part of the Kingdom.
  • Help the hurting (specifically children and the disenfranchised) all over the world, through aid, prayer and God’s word fulfill their God-given purpose in life.
  • Teach those who are part of the Kingdom, function in the Kingdom according to the word of God.
  • Train and develop leaders all over the world.

We welcome your prayers and financial support as we continue our work to “reach the nations with the Word of God.”

About Us