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Do you think you come from a dysfunctional family? We ALL do! Even if we grew up in a Christian household with two parents who loved each other and their children, we come from a broken family- the first family in history. Adam and Eve brought brokenness into this world by sinning against God. But is there a way we can overcome this inevitable brokenness and find wholeness for our families?


The devil loves trying to destroy our families. If he can get his foot in the door before we realize he has influence on us, it is so much easier for him to use our family members to do his work. Adam did not shield himself and Eve from the serpent in Genesis 3. That gave Satan the opportunity he needed to twist God’s words and tempt Eve to do the one thing God told her and Adam not to do. 


Adam had allowed an opportunity for Satan to win by not protecting his family. Eve listened to the enemy when she knew that what he was saying were lies. The enemy used both of them to bring sin into the world and brokenness into our families.


As a result, we now are born into a sinful world and we have a responsibility to train up our families to love, serve and honor Jesus. There is hope for our families and God has blessings awaiting those who obey Him. Watch this message from Pastor Robert Morris on the effects of Adam and Eve’s sin and how we can overcome the inevitable generational sin in our families. 



Let’s look at a summary of what we learned in today’s video message.


Three results of The Fall that still impact families today:


1. Shame- When sin came into the world, Adam and Eve felt shame. Once they had sinned they realized what they had done. They made themselves clothes to cover themselves and their shame, but God made them clothes from animal skin. This means He had to shed blood to cover them, just like Jesus’ blood covers our sin and shame. When we sin against our children, spouses or parents we can feel that overwhelming sense of shame for what we have done to them. The only thing that will take care of that sin and shame is being in right standing with God and the only way we can do that is through the forgiving love of Jesus. 


2. Blame- Once God asked Adam what had happened, Adam blamed Eve for the sin they both committed and blamed God for giving him Eve. Next, Eve blamed Satan for tempting her (Genesis 3:11-13). We can so often live in bitterness towards other people because we blame them for our mistakes and shortcomings. That is exactly what the devil wants. He enjoys watching us blame our family for our mistakes and watching it rip us apart. The Father wants us to take responsibility and repent, not throw the blame on those closest to us.


3. Fame- We all have an insecurity of wanting someone to see and acknowledge us. This means we will do anything to be praised and appreciated, even if it costs the reputation of someone else. Adam named his wife Eve, as to separate himself from her. The two were no longer one in Christ, but two individual people who were no longer spiritually intertwined. When we worry more about our reputation staying clean instead of standing beside our loved ones when trials come, we become incredibly selfish. It causes us to not care about the rest of our family, but only about ourselves. 


Jesus came to save us from the sin of the fall. Through His sacrifice on the cross, we can find freedom from these curses. Our families do not have to stay in bondage to shame, blame and fame, but we can find freedom and peace through the redemption of Christ, leading our families to a more prosperous and blessed future. Amen!


“And in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” -Acts 3:25