Remember when you were young and heard the creaking sounds in the night before going to sleep? Do you remember the fear you felt and figments of your imagination, making you believe there was a monster under your bed? Did you run to your parents room crying out for them, scared and in need of comfort?

Fear has a way of controlling us. It can paralyze us in an instant and hold us back from opportunities, relationships, and our faith. If we aren’t careful, fear can control our life path, causing us to miss out on the freedom-filled life God has called us to live. But how are we supposed to let go of this crippling fear and move on without feeling there is a looming shadow above us? The answer is simple.

Just as we call on our earthly parents when we are children, God desires for us to call on Him when we are frightened. We shouldn’t shy away from asking Him for help because He yearns to wrap His children in His protecting arms. Just as family is designed to take care of each other, our heavenly Father wants to take care of us. You are in the family of God! 

“Stop focusing on your fear. Start focusing on your Father.”- Rick Warren


Do not be frightened, but call on the name of the Father. He is ready and able to save us from the clutches of fear. Tune in to this broadcast from Daily Hope where Pastor Rick Warren reminds us of who to call on when we are afraid and shows us what the antidote to fear is.