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Joseph did not have the easiest life. Betrayed by his brothers, sold into slavery, and arrested- he had every reason to feel like his life was worthless. He could have given up on God, lost his faith, and chose to live a mediocre life, but he didn’t! He continued to serve God faithfully in everything he did. Eventually, God showed up in a major way and blessed him for his faithfulness, making him second-in-command to all of Egypt! 


We can look at Joseph and see that God was faithful to him, because of his choice to maintain his godly character. He knew that even though he was a slave, working for man, he was really serving Jesus. He chose to be a blessing over becoming bitter about the way his life was going. This allowed God to grow him. 


We usually grow the most through times of pain and difficulty. It teaches us how to stay positive and endure when all we want to do is give up. It is easy to think “Well, God is done using me. I have no purpose anymore.” But as long as you are alive, God still has a plan for you!


God does not want us to become stagnant and miss out on all He has for us. When we stay faithful through the pain, He rewards us in the end. Just look at Joseph! Joseph chose to do everything for the Lord and when we do that, we stand out among the rest. God blesses us through our ability to live our lives in service to him. That is what caused Joseph to become such an influential leader in Egypt. People noticed there was something different about him- his character. 


So who do you want to be? What do you want your character to say about your life? Join us today on this episode of Powerpoint with Jack Graham. Here, we will dive deeper into what character really is and how we can learn from Joseph’s life and live with honorable character.