Close Encounters

by Berni Dymet

Matt. 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

I'm not sure if you ever saw that Steven Spielberg movie back in the late 70's called close Encounters of the Third Kind. It starred Richard Dreyfus and he played a man who came into contact with aliens. This was such a powerful experience for him and yet everyone else around him thought he was going mad. Maybe he was.

And frankly, that's a bit how people treated me when all of a sudden I had a close encounter with God, the living God, Jesus Christ. People thought, what's the matter with Berni? Has he got religion? Did the Moonies get him?

And it's not that I exhibited any weird or strange behavior. It's just that being close to God changed me profoundly.

In fact, being close to Him is still changing me every minute of every day. There are so many people out there in this world who hunger to be close to God and yet never discover that sort of intimacy with Him. It's almost as though we have lost our way and we don't know how to get back.

Maybe it's time for a close encounter.


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