Even the Smallest Things
by Berni Dymet

Prov. 19:21 The human mind may devise many plans, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will be established.

Each one of us can point back to some small decision way back when that, as it turned out, changed the course of our lives. 

I remember walking out of church one day, and on a whim picking up a brochure from a particular Bible College.  And it's at that college that I came into contact with the ministry of Christianityworks and today, I share the love of Christ with millions of people around the globe….All because I picked up that one brochure.  

Sometimes we behave as though we're in control of our own destinies.  As though - If I do this and do that and work hard, I'll achieve this.  Don't get me wrong, I believe in hard work.  But it's easy to get things out of perspective.  And for me, the story of that little brochure is a reality check.

It may well be that in our hearts; we each plan out our course.  It's natural that we should do that.  But in reality, it's God Himself who determines our steps.


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