The Obvious

by Berni Dymet

2 Sam. 24:15, 25  So the Lord sent a pestilence on Israel from that morning until the appointed time; and seventy-thousand of the people died.... So the Lord answered his supplication for the land, and the plague was averted from Israel.

Now I'm no genius, but every now and then, the obvious hits me between the eyes. I've written a book recently, called Unlocking the Power of Prayer. And as I was doing the research - I began to take a look at prayer in the Bible. Like - what does God's Word say about prayer?

I looked at the first instance of prayer - Genesis Chapter 20; the second, Genesis 24; the third, Genesis 25.  And each time - you know what I found. Those prayers of common, ordinary, everyday people like you and me - each time, they had powerful results.

And the more I looked the more I found…exactly the same thing. In fact, the pattern was so obvious, so striking, I came to this conclusion:

Prayer that yields powerful results is normal in God's sight.

It made me wonder - why do so many people who believe in God have this kind of timid, guilt ridden attitude to prayer? Why?


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