Under a Cloud

by Berni Dymet

I Peter 1:2 ...May grace and peace be yours in abundance.

Sometimes, we feel as though our lives are under a cloud. Things just aren't going the way that they should.

Well, if there's any time where if God is God, He ought to show up, it's….under that cloud. 

A couple of thousand years ago, Peter the Apostle wrote to a bunch of Christians scattered across the known world. They were undergoing such terrible persecution. Being covered in tar, lit as torches at Caesar's garden parties. That's one serious cloud.

And He opens His letter with this greeting - "May grace and peace be yours in abundance." Think about that for a minute. That's so profound. God is showing up for these people through Peter's letter. Reaching out to them….under their cloud. 

Maybe today, as we spend this short time together - today God's showing up. Showing up for you under your cloud. 

And can I ask you, implore you - if right now, you can hear His voice in your heart - answer Him. Answer Him with everything you are.


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