The Bends in the Road

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Okay, it's an adult's privilege to get nostalgic every once in a while, don't you think? And my wife and I will suddenly get this far-away look, and you know, drift back to some childhood incident. And that's usually the point at which the kids desert the room, because they know another one of the old stories is coming up. But frankly, I like it when my wife's telling about her childhood on the farm in the Ozarks. I enjoy hearing about it.

She told me the other day about her walk to school. She was a five-year-old girl, and they lived quite a ways from the main highway, and she had a long road ahead. Okay, she's got this big, long walk to the bus, so for the first leg of the trip, she'd have her Mom in sight. Now, Mom had another little girl there, so she couldn't leave. So she'd watch my wife until she got to a bend in the road. And then this little girl would go around the bend and there was Grandma, because Grandma's place was down the next stretch. And then she'd go around another bend, and around the next bend was a friendly neighbor's house who usually would spot this little girl coming and would wave at her. Oh yeah, and then there was one more bend, and then the bus. Guess what part of the journey my wife said she really didn't like? Yeah, you got it, the bends in the road.

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