First Person Singular

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This might come as a surprise to you, but athletes often have egos as big as their biceps. Now, one way I observed that is that I used to take a lot of pictures of our local high school football team. And I would ask my youngest son, "What happens when we tell the players that we're going to show some of those pictures at an event?" And he said, "Well, instead of three people coming, about 300 come." "Why is that?" "All because they all want to see themselves on the big screen." That would happen. One of the fellows would come up to me afterwards and he'd say, "You didn't have me in any of the pictures Mr. Hutchcraft."

Well, at the end of the season, we had a dinner for those fellows. I had a chance to share the Gospel and give them a chance to give their lives to Christ. What they'll do is they'll have a chance afterwards to take a picture from the season home with them. I'd tell them they could pick one picture and take it home with them. I never had anyone take a picture of somebody else! Strangely enough, they always took a picture of themselves. I don't think they're that unique. I find that people never really get interested in a picture until they see themselves in it."

that. Those spikes were driven in those hands for you. He's reaching out today through this to you one more time. You've heard about Him before, but you've never gotten it for yourself. With all the faith you've got, today you can reach out to Him and say, "Jesus, today you are my Lord, you're my God."

Man, I'd love to help you cross that line and experience His love for yourself today. Would you join me at our website I think it will help. This could be the day that the Savior who died for the whole world becomes your personal Savior.

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