Going Back to Where You Went Wrong

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I hate to be late for a wedding, but I was. I had a carload of teenagers going with me to this wedding, and we were racing to get there by 11:00 A.M. Finally, after I came to a juncture I said, "Wait a minute! Which church is it at?" I'd left my invitation at home. I said, "Oh, I know where it is."

And I took a left and pulled up at 10:55 to an empty lot five minutes before the wedding. Well, the home where the reception was being held was a few doors away. So I drove down there and somebody said, "You're at the wrong church." They didn't say, "dummy" but they could have. I said, "Well, how do I get back to the main highway? I've got to get there quick! I was hoping for some shortcut." They said, "There isn't one. You've got to go back to the point where you shouldn't have turned and start there." Well, we did get to see the bride go up the aisle, because I went back to where I went wrong and then I went right.

things right at the point where you went wrong. To restore the money you stole, to rebuild the reputation you tore down, to ask forgiveness of the person you hurt, to go back to that person you sinned with sexually and ask their forgiveness. If you want to avoid falling again, retrace your steps. What was your first step off the main road? Then fortify that area. That's your weak spot. Fix what may have been broken.

Take it from someone whose sense of direction, or lack thereof, has often gotten him on the wrong road. If you want to get on the right road, you have to go back to the point where you went wrong.

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