The Freedom Chain

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My daughter went on a trip some years ago to a part of the world that she brought home with her in her heart and brought into the hearts of our family. It was back when the Soviet Union was beginning to collapse, as it was known as the Communist Empire and the Iron Curtain was coming down. It was right at the beginning of that. She was on a Christian music team on a tour to Estonia and Latvia. They were actually pursuing some historic opportunities to present Christ in public settings. But what really impressed them was the Soviet believers. And that impressed them even more than the meetings that they were able to hold. And they saw in those people a hope of freedom.

About two weeks after the teams returned, those hopes of freedom were channeled into a very powerful demonstration. Now, it's 370 miles from the northern point in the Baltic States to the southern point. That's from the northern border of Estonia by the Gulf of Finland to the southern border of Lithuania. OK, there's your geography lesson for today. Amazingly, one million people formed an unbroken line (try to imagine this) hand-in-hand from one end of that 370 miles to the other, and they just passed one word from the first person in Estonia by the Gulf of Finland to that last person on the southern border of Lithuania. Each person turned to the next and simply said, "Freedom." Wow! Did you know you're in a line like that?

son has turned to another and said, "There's freedom in Jesus" And someone turned to you and said it. Now, who are you saying it to? That long line of people who worked, as it says in Timothy here, "Do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord." They got the message to you. Whether it gets to your family, your friends, to your coworkers, your personal world now depends on you.

Haven't you been ashamed long enough, silent long enough? Let God lay on your heart one person He wants you to turn to. Ask Him to get them ready for your message and to change your silence to boldness. And then, join God's freedom chain. Someone grabbed your hand. Now, you grab someone else's and proclaim, "Freedom!" because of what Jesus did.

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