God's Enterprise Has No Transporter

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If you're not a "Trekkie" you might know someone who is. A Trekkie, of course, is a rabid fan of Star Trek. I think there has seldom been a TV series in American television history that has so captured people's imaginations as Star Trek. And then the movies of course: Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, the Starship Enterprise. They've become really a part of American's kind of fantasy memory bank.

There's one part of Star Trek I wish wasn't fantasy. Scotty, the Enterprise's chief engineer, mans a device called The Transporter. And maybe if you ever saw Star Trek, you know that The Transporter does this molecular magic that allows the transportee to stand under this beam and to be beamed down to a planet, or be beamed up to the ship in just a matter of seconds. Now, that maneuver has given birth to a very familiar refrain, "Scotty, beam me up." Don't you wish you could be immediately transported to your destination sometimes? Well, Scotty can't do it because he's not real, and the only One who could do it, well...

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