Only an Instrument

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We raised a son who loves sports, but he also had ability in music. How do you put those two together? A lot of times those two interests don't go together. Well, it was fourth grade when we thought it was time to introduce our son to a musical instrument. And when we talked a little bit about what instrument he'd be interested in, he said, "Well, maybe the saxophone."

We really didn't have a saxophone or the money to buy one, but a friend called us and said that he knew we were interested in getting a saxophone for our son. He'd found a classy, reconditioned instrument that was all shined up and looked great and was willing to make it available to us. Now, I really wasn't too sure how my son and the saxophone would get along at their first meeting, until our friend handed it to him for a first try. I've got to tell you, I was expecting squawks and squeaks.

But instead, out came a couple of notes loud and strong as if he'd been playing it for a while. It was great! He played it loud and strong for many years! I looked at that saxophone one day; I saw myself.

You're only an instrument, but you don't belong in the case. No, the Master Musician wants to play through your life.

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