A Diagnostic Tool Can’t Heal

Galatians 3:19-22

Debbie was a young wife and mother with two precious kids. It was a sledge-hammer blow when a sample of blood revealed abnormalities and then her bone marrow confirmed the diagnosis. Leukemia. The medical profession has made great strides in dealing with leukemia, but back when Debbie and her husband, Kevin, got the word, we were face to face with a death sentence.

Now we could’ve all decided that the doctors were wrong. Leukemia cells are simply an alternative form of healthy blood chemistry, or we could’ve kept taking bone marrow samples, believing that somehow this diagnostic tool would cure her leukemia. But it’s obvious --declaring that cancer cells are somehow life-giving wasn’t going to heal Debbie, and using the test that revealed her illness over and over again to try and cure her wasn’t going to work either. We needed someone with healthy bone marrow that could replace Debbie’s marrow that was pouring deadly cells into her bloodstream.

This helps us to begin to understand what the Apostle Paul is getting at when he states that the Law revealed to Moses can’t cure us. It exposes how bad our sin actually is and how foolish it is to think that this diagnostic tool can save us.

“So, why the Law? It was given to expose our overstepping of God’s commands until the ‘Seed’ (the Messiah), the One promised to Abraham, came. The Law was ordered by God through angels by the hand of a mediator (Moses).

But when a mediator is used, more than one is involved. But God is one. So, can we conclude that the Law is against God’s promises? Heavens no! For if a Law was given that was able to make us alive then righteousness would have come by means of the Law. But the Scripture declares that we are all hemmed in by sin so that the promise can become reality for us by faith. The promise (that we can become members of God’s household, heirs of the promise to Abraham) is applied to all who are believing in Jesus, the Messiah.” Galatians 3:19-22

Like Debby’s bone marrow test, the Law given to Israel by angels and Moses fully confronts us with the fact of our sin. For example, the tenth commandment tells us that we must not desire what God doesn’t desire for us, and no matter how many times we read or see in movies that sexual immorality is somehow liberating and free, sex outside of marriage between a man and woman, like leukemia, still kills us.

What Debbie needed was a bone marrow donor. Baylor Hospital found one and put Debbie in isolation. They then totally killed her unhealthy bone marrow and replaced it with new, life giving marrow from her donor. Her leukemia was cured.   

Here’s the Apostle Paul’s point: Jesus took all our deadly cells of sin into himself on the cross and he infused us with his pure, righteous, holy life. He is God’s Promised One. The Law of Moses forces us to face the reality of our sin, and then leads us to Jesus, the life-giving cure.

LORD, thank you for the years of healthy life you gave to Debbie so that she could see her kids grow to adulthood, but thank you most of all that when she died five years ago, not from leukemia, but from another disease, we knew because of the promise of Jesus, that she was safe at home with you, healthy and strong forever. Can’t wait to see her again.

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