A Light in the Dark

Psalm 119:105-112

It was dark in the cave. An old lava flow had sizzled through the rock near Mt. Elgon and left a deep tunnel. Animals came to lick the walls deep inside the cave for salt, but the path over fallen rocks and holes was treacherous. This was especially true with no light. My iPhone didn't have any service, but the "My Flashlight" App worked fine. I pointed it down and slightly forward at the trail in the darkness of the cave. It guided me. Combined with the flashlight one of our group was shrewd enough to bring on our escapade, we were able to maneuver safely deep into the cave in MT Elgon National Park near the Uganda border in Kenya.

In the Nun section of his acrostic poem exposing his joy in God's Torah (Psalm 119:105-112), the Psalmist famously speaks about the light God's Word provides, "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." Psalm 119:105

As I dodged another hole and carefully took another step on the rocks in the cave, I realized the psalmist words weren't just catchy lyrics for a praise song. I was reminded about how important a lamp, a source of light, was in the no electricity world of the Ancient Near East, and I need this light just as desperately today.

LORD, the cave hike drove home to me the importance of a light in the darkness. Help me to allow your instructions to be my lamp to guide each step and protect me from the snares and pits Satan seeks to use to make me stumble into the dark.

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