Awake and Shine 

Daniel 12:1-4

What I love about God’s Word is that it realistically tells the truth about times of trouble. We’ve seen how Daniel predicts the rise and fall of emperors and empires. And we’ve been tracing how he closes his writing telling us about a final anti-God ruler and a time of unprecedented distress. Now it’s one thing to read about a future time of Great Tribulation, it’s another thing to go through the present tribulation of losing a precious friend and faithful church leader, who was at your side for over thirty years. 

I was supposed to meet my friend, Dan, for lunch yesterday, but as I got into my truck, I looked down at my texts. “Buddy passed away about 15 minutes ago.”

Whether it’s a future time when Antichrist will attack and murder God’s children or the present when pancreatic cancer quickly takes away a lifetime friend, death punches hard. That’s why we need not only Daniel’s realistic words about suffering, but the promise.  

“At that time Michael, the great commander who stands to protect the sons of your people, will stand against the anti-God ruler. And there will be a time of distress unprecedented since the beginning of nations. But at that time of suffering your people will find safety, the ones written in the Book. For many who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake to live forever, but others will awake to disgrace and eternal shame. It’s the ones who have insight who will shine like the glow of the heavens, even those who cause many to get right with God, they will shine like the stars forever and ever. Now you, Daniel, seal up these words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will go roam hither and yon, increasing in knowledge.” Daniel 12:1-4

In the Book of Revelation God will again unseal the book and give us more revelations about the future. For example: Revelation 13 gives us more details about the rise of Antichrist and his false prophet, and Revelation 12:7 will tell us more about Michael’s battle in the heavens with Satan during the Great Tribulation (Revelation 12:9). But here, at the close of Daniel in the Old Testament, there is nothing secret about Daniel’s eternal destiny and those who allow God’s Spirit to help them understand. Trust in this Anointed One with Daniel and Buddy we will wake up and shine forever

LORD, thanks that Matt, Buddy’s pastor, was able to read 1 Thessalonians 4 to the family even as they waited for his body to be taken away. What a promise! Buddy will rise and we will be caught up together to be with the Lord Jesus. Thank you for sustaining the Zipps by your faithful word. 

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