Dressed for the Party

Matthew 12:42 

"And now something greater than Solomon is here."    

What in the world am I going to wear? From office parties to church concerts to a special dinner out with friends, this question gets asked a lot during the build up to Christmas.  JoS. A. Bank even promises to sell me a $650 suit for $162. I can only imagine the sales that tempt you ladies. No matter how good the sale, if we don't have the money, it's tough to put clothes on our backs whether it’s Christmas time or anytime. 

Jesus knew that many of us worry about what to wear, so in his famous sermon, The Sermon on the Mount, He said this, "And when it comes to clothes, why are you constantly worrying? Think for a minute about the wild flowers. Think about how they grow. They don't work or spin, but I tell you that Solomon in all of his glory wasn't dressed up like one of these." (Matthew 6:28-29)

In the genealogy of Jesus, Matthew uses Solomon, the wealthiest, most powerful Jewish king in the Old Testament to verify Jesus' messianic claim. Later on in the story Jesus, himself, not only tells us that he can dress us better than King Solomon, he also challenges us to follow the Queen of Sheba's example. She had the smarts to travel a long way to come and listen to Solomon. Will we realize who Jesus is and listen?

LORD, as we approach your birthday, you amaze me. You move millions to give clothes and a lot of other stuff to those in need. Thank you that I can trust you to take care of my family because they are yours. You moved the Queen of Sheba to come and visit Solomon. This Christmas, I pray you will move many to come and see Jesus.

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