Enslaved Or Free

Galatians 4:21-31

Since Iron Man, millions of movie goers have entered the Marvel Universe and Avengers Endgame crusehed box office records indicating that the Disney writers and producers must have brought all those super heroes together, tied up enough twists and turns  in the plot, and offered a grand finale that thrilled and satisfied. And the fact that millions tracked a host of characters, remembered foreshadowings in previous adventures that culminated in the climax contradicts those who say today's generation has the attention span of only Twitter feeds and pithy five word brandings. When the fate of the world is at stake, even if it’s make-believe, many pay attention to the story.

In Galatians it's not just the world but our individual souls that are at stake, and the Apostle Paul clinches his argument against salvation by trying to obey a religious code and keeping all the rituals by reminding us about two women, one a slave and the other free. 

We don't have a chance at understanding his points unless we know the biblical narrative he's referring to. So, let's read Genesis 16-19 and 21-22, and then Paul's argument in Galatians 4:21-31. On Wednesday and Thursday we'll try and track what role Hagar and Sarah play in Paul's argument. God sent his real life super hero into the world but did he come to avenge all the bad guys? Hagar and Sarah can help us find the answer.

LORD, help us understand what Sarah represents and what Hagar represents in the Genesis account and how, long before Moses gave Israel your commandments, Sarah teaches us about the new life you give by faith in your promise, not by human effort.

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