First Fruits of Christ’s Splendor

2 Thessalonians 2:13-15

To get ahead of the garden game here in Texas, I planted squash seeds in some starting soil more than a month ago and then kept them warm and moist in my green house. They sprouted and when I got back from Israel on Monday and checked my plants, the squash was six inches high, flowering, and there was some first-fruit squash already on the small plants. This is proof that when I transplant them outside into the big garden, there will be abundant fruit.

Believers argue a lot about the rise of the final antichrist, the power of the Great Tribulation, and the timing of Christ’s return to deal with Satan and his henchmen. Now we’ve listened to the Apostle Paul assure the Thessalonian believers that neither they nor their loved ones had missed Christ’s return, but rather than giving them a detailed list of future prophetic events, he warns them about the spirit of anti-God lawlessness that’s already seeking to deceive and in today’s passage, he gives us a blessing.

Listen to what he thanks God for and today we are the first fruits of Jesus’ Kingdom—proof that there is still a mighty ingathering into God’s family still to come.

“Now we’ve got to give thanks to God always for you all, brothers and sisters, beloved by the Lord, because he has chosen you as first fruits for salvation by the sanctifying work of the Spirit and faith in the truth. He has called you through our Gospel so that you might possess the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, then, brothers and sisters, stand strong and hold fast to the content of the apostolic tradition you were taught either by word or by letter from us.”   2 Thessalonians 2:13-15

Near the end of our Holy Land Tour in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, a Swedish believer led our group. She began, “We can’t be absolutely sure that this is the place of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, but we can be sure that he died for our sins outside the walls of this city and he did rise again. And I know that he’s alive because he is alive in my heart.”  Immediately, all those in our group knew she was part of their family, a sister in Christ. Her demeanor, bold witness, and love radiated Jesus’ glory, and this is the glory that Paul says that we possess because of our faith in the Gospel. Let’s let it shine before others today.

LORD, give this dear Swedish believer strength as she shares Jesus with group after group during the months that she is there in Jerusalem for this ministry.

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