Good News Even in the Shut Down

Philemon  6-7

During the government shut down the WFAA Sunday night news reported about the chaos in Washington and its effects on normal Americans, but they did it in an unusual way.

They focused their cameras on the more than a hundred folks standing at the altar at the front of Concord Church in Oak cliff. Pastor Carter was pouring out his heart for those standing before him, suffering because of the longest U.S. government shutdown in our history. He cried out for God to pour his comfort, support, and blessing upon each one, but when he said the “amen,” he did more. He told them that the Concord Church Family had $100 Walmart gift cards for each one for groceries, and guidance about how to apply for aid until the government reopened. With this kind of concrete good works, it’s a lot easier to make the case for Christ. 

In the first century the Church didn’t war with the culture of Rome, but instead they proclaimed Jesus’ Good News and showed its power by their good deeds for others. The Apostle Paul prays that Philemon, just like the church leaders at Concord, would be given many creative ideas about how to meet needs. As Paul talks about these more general good things, he is moving toward the specific good thing he wants Philemon to do for his slave, Onesimus.  

“I pray that your family union with us in the faith may energize you in deepening your understanding of all the good things we share together for the sake of the Messiah. Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, my brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.”  

LORD, give creative, practical ideas to your people all over to help those in need during this government shutdown, and help me to do a lot more praying for those in need than I do arguing over who’s at fault. Use even this present chaos to draw people to the solutions to our deepest needs that can only be met in your Anointed One, Jesus.

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