Impact Where it Counts

1 Thessalonians 4:9-12

What an honor to be the keynote speaker for the Midwest Evangelical Free Church’s Transform Conference.

The theme was “Living in the Lion’s Den—Bringing Resurrection Life Into A Dying Culture,” and I stressed that Daniel wasn’t a preacher. He was a lifelong government official immersed in the secular world where God was spurned and rejected, and the ruler he served tried to brainwash him, pushing him to forget his faith in Yahweh. But in the fourth episode of the Book of Daniel, it’s Nebuchadnezzar who swings from being an evil character to giving his personal testimony about how the living God has transformed his life.

Daniel teaches us that it’s not the cutting-edge program we come up with to attract folks to our services, but how we as believers live Monday through Saturday that will impact others in jobs, like Daniel’s position as a government official.

The Apostle Paul told the Thessalonians to work hard with their hands, and at the Conference, we discovered that many pastoring were bi-vocational and, with their church leaders, were slinging hammers as carpenters, driving John Deere’s as farmers, teaching school, teaching physics in the university, and working in social programs to aid the homeless or immigrants. 

“Now when it comes to brotherly love, I don’t need to write to you about this. You’re ‘God-taught’ when it comes to self-sacrificial love for one another. You’re demonstrating this by the way you love brothers and sisters throughout Macedonia. And all I can say is, ‘love even more.’ And make it your ambition to live a quiet life just as we commanded you when we were together. This is how you will walk appropriately toward outsiders (those who don’t know Jesus) and you won’t be dependent upon their financial support.” 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12

We win street creds in our towns and cities when we work hard so that we are self-sufficient, and we aren’t depending on unbelievers to take care of our needs. And thinking about the love that the Thessalonians had for their fellow believers, Mary and I could not have been loved more during our time with our Evangelical Free brothers and sisters.

LORD, help me as I teach today to work hard to help my students understand so that they can become successful in their college level courses. Move all the leaders that Mary and I interacted with on Monday and Tuesday to have Daniel’s character so that others will see the Spirit of the living God in their lives. 

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