Jesus—Son of Abraham

Matthew 1:1

In all good stories that grab us, it will look like the bad guys are winning, but then------.

Take your Bible and start reading Genesis. By the time you get to chapter 11 there is strong evidence that the bad guys are winning. In chapter 3 the serpent conned Adam and Eve into disobedience and they are cursed with death.  Cain, their first born son in Genesis 4 murders his brother and then generates a race that becomes so violent God has to put out the fire with a global flood (Genesis 6-10), and then right when a new cleansed earth gets started, Noah, the good guy in the Ark Story, gets drunk, takes off his clothes, and curses Canaan, his grandson. Then to make matters worse, Noah’s descendants can't obey the LORD's simple command, repeated from Genesis 1, to be fruitful and multiply and spread out over all the earth. They gather on the Plains of Shinar, use their technology to begin to build a skyscraper that will reach to the heaven, and when God diversifies their language, they abandon their project, and like Cain become wanderers. What will the Creator do about these wandering, rebellious people? With the call of Abraham in Genesis 12, God begins to answer.

The Lord reaches into Ur of the Chaldea’s, a city that worshiped the moon and other idols, and called out one man, Abraham, and said, "Walk! Leave your land, your people, and your father’s house, and go to the land I will show you. If you do, I will make you a great nation. I will bless you, make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you. All the clans of the earth will be blessed in you. And Abraham walked according to Yahweh's word.."  Genesis 12:1-4a

Speed forward to the first century and Matthew begins his Gospel declaring that Jesus is the Son of Abraham, the One who will bless all those wandering nations scattered after Babel. From the perspective of God’s Story we are all wandering aliens, like those scattered from Shinar in confusion. Jesus is God’s solution to our curse to only wander and then die without hope. Jesus, Abraham’s Son, is going to be born into the world to bring the wanderer’s back home to His Father.

LORD, millions of Jews, Muslims, and Christians all culturally look back to Abraham and claim him as their father, but many have not received the blessing that only a relationship with your Son, the ultimate Seed of Abraham, can bring. By the power of your Spirit this Christmas cause many to consider your promise to Abraham in the Jewish Scriptures, and how Jesus provides the blessing to all who will trust in Him.

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