Lies at the Table    

Daniel 11:25-28

Years ago I remember sitting at table with the leader of a large Christian organization. He was telling Mary and me that they would provide a house for us, help us with our move from Texas, and provide the perfect venue for us to exercise our gifts. The words sounded great, but in reality the man was only offering me the position because his superior wanted him to. If the decision were up to him, he wouldn’t let us near his organization. We were young and inexperienced, but our parents had taught us the Book of Daniel as kids, and Daniel warned about promises made at a table that were actually a bunch of lies. 

“With his strength and his scheming heart the king of the North will stir things up against the king of the South. He will gather together a large army. The king of the South will meet this challenge with a large army of his own, but he will not be able to stand against the king of the North because of plots against him within his own court. Even those eating the food at his table will try and destroy him and his army will be swept away with many falling in battle. 

The two kings will sit at a table together, but their hearts will be intent on destroying each other. They will pretend to be in alliance but it will all be lies at the table. In the end their lies will not win. They will come to their end at the appointed time.  

After the supposed agreements in the South, the king of the North will return to his own territory with great wealth from plunder. On his way home he will plot against the Holy Covenant in his heart. He will move on these plans, and then return to his own country.”  Daniel 11:25-28 

This section describes Antiochus IV’s first campaign against Egypt in 169 BC. Ptolemy VII advisors counseled their king to try and retake Israel and Lebanon, but when he marched north, Antiochus’ powerful Syrian army defeated the Egyptians. The kings all sat down making promises about establishing peaceful relations. On his way back to Syria he entered Jerusalem and began pressuring the Jews to adopt Greek culture. His promises to the Egyptians and the Jews were all lies. His cunning deceit warns us against supposed friends and benefactors who smile at the table and make big promises, but it’s all-fake. 

LORD, help me to see that Satan has been using this con game a long time. As your child, help me realize how much you hate this deception and help me remember how you destroy those who think they have power by masking their deceitful intents with big smiles.

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