Not Human Speculation, But Divine Revelation

Galatians 1:11-12

My freshmen year at Houghton College, Dr. Calhoun taught me General Chemistry. What I learned about atoms, compounds, chemical reactions, acids and bases, and nuclear chemistry, I learned from my professor, and he learned it from his teachers and their experiments. I learned about World History from Dr. Lindley who traced history from the creation of writing by the Sumerians before 3000 BC to the Apollo 13 moon landing in April of 1970.

We all get information from human sources, but when it comes to learning how to safely get off this planet when we die and our destiny in the afterlife, there is only one human being in history who ever died, rose again, and then appeared to humans on earth to reveal the way to heaven.

The Apostle Paul’s opponents in the Galatian churches are claiming that the way to heaven is by means of obedience to religious initiation rites such as circumcision, obedience to the Laws revealed to Moses, and union with the Jewish people. Paul begins his argument against his opponents by a strong claim. Jesus, who God the Father rose from the dead (Gal. 1: 1), had revealed himself and the truth about how to get to heaven by direct revelation to Paul.

“For I’m making know to you, brothers and sisters, that the Gospel, the Gospel that was proclaimed by me—it’s not a message I received by human insight, neither did I receive this Good News from human teaching. I received it by a direct revelation from Jesus, the Messiah.” Galatians 1:11-12

Mohammed claimed that an angel named Jibril appeared to him in AD 610  on Mt. Jabal an-Nour, near Mecca. This began the revelations that generated the Quran. The Apostle Paul claims that on the Damascus Road it wasn’t an angel that appeared to him but the Son of God, himself. He is going to go on in this letter to speak of a teaching time in the desert of Arabia for three years, but his point here at the start of his argument is that the Lord Jesus Christ, himself, revealed what he is going to tell us about salvation.

No matter what your religion, it makes sense that you should at least open yourself to listen to what this first century Jew has to say about what transformed him from a zealous Jew murdering other Jews who believed in Jesus to become a devoted follower of Jesus whose major goal was to help Gentiles and Jews to trust in Jesus like he did.

LORD, open the hearts of those reading this Devo from all different cultures, religions, and beliefs. Move especially those who are agnostic to allow themselves to listen carefully about what this first century Jewish trained rabbi came to believe about Jesus and why he spent his entire life helping others to hear and understand this incredible Good News.

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