O What a Relief it Is

1 Thessalonians 3:6-10

“Mom, I need you and dad to pray. Was at Walmart and Silas had some kind of a weird reaction. Harvey has him at the doctors now getting him checked out.” This was about our youngest grandchild and from the time of Jenae’s call till later in the day when we got the results, we were worried.

The Apostle Paul wasn’t worried about one of his grandkids, but he was concerned that his spiritual babies that he had to leave suddenly behind in Thessalonica were in grave danger because of the persecution against them. Yesterday, we saw how Paul sent Timothy, his young associate, back to Thessalonica from Athens to check up on them, and then he had to wait. Now Timothy has returned. Check out the report he gave to the stressed-out Apostle.

“But now Timothy has come to us from spending time with you. He told us the good news about your faith and your love. He reported that you have constantly good thoughts about our time together, and that you are desiring to see us as much as we are desiring to see you. In all of our pressure and persecution we are encouraged by Timothy’s report about your faith. For now we really live, if you are standing firm in the Lord. How can we ever thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of God because of you. Night and day, more than ever, we are praying that we may see you again and be able to supply what is still lacking in your faith.” 1 Thessalonians 3:6-10

The Apostle Paul wasn’t excited about the church buildings he built or the financial size of the organization he generated. Here he fleshes out the passion and love of a spiritual dad who authentically can hardly wait to be with his spiritual children again. When he thinks of standing in God’s presence, the only thing that will count is to have these Thessalonian believers standing right there with him giving thanks to Jesus.

LORD, when every day we hear another tragic story about spiritual leaders guilty of acting in arrogance, slander, lying, embezzlement, and abusing children, I cry out to you to generate the qualities of godly, pure leadership that Paul preached and lived. And thanks for our relief when we heard back later in the day that the doctor reported that Silas was fine. 

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